Health Checks ยป Well women
Women often neglect their own health, while busy caring for family. You must make the time for your wellness. So much depends on it !

Common health issues effect men and women differently, who often demonstrate different symptoms for the same diseases. In addition, some conditions are more common in women, such as osteoarthritis, obesity and depression. And some needs of women require special care, including regular checks to ensure well-being and good health.

Breast and cervical cancer are best dealt with by early detection. Annual mammograms and regular pap tests are critical to keeping yourself well and feeling more secure about your health. All the love and support you provide to family and friends, depends on your investing time in your own good health. Don't put this off any longer !

The DOC Well Woman Health Check is a must-not-postpone diagnostic consultation that is essential for your well-being,and now conveniently available at a DOC centre near you.

The DOC Well Woman Check is recommended at least once a year for women (of 21 years and above).

The Well Woman Check includes :

  1. Complete Hoemogram
  2. ESR
  3. Random blood sugar
  4. Urine analysis
  5. Stool test
  6. ECG (resting)
  7. X-ray (chest)
  8. Ultrasound scan of pelvis
  9. PAP smear test
  10. Physical examination including breast and gynaec check up

Call DOC to fix a convenient time at the centre closest to you. Or check on whether an 'at-home diagnostics facility' is available in your neighbourhood. Give yourself the Well Woman Check advantage!