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DOC Medical Services delivers comprehensive preventive healthcare at DOC centres, at your work place, and even at your home !

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Our commitment to preventive healthcare, dramatically reduces the typical problems associated with neglecting personal health. It translates into you leading a healthier life. Organisations find productivity levels rise, and healthcare costs reduce, as employees adopt healthy living. It all starts with a simple first step. Call DOC !

The Sickness Absence Management (SAM) plan The word 'presenteeism' gained popularity in early 2005, as a descriptor for an everyday work place issue. Exhaustive studies revealed a dramatic loss in productivity that occurs when employees come to work, but perform below par, due to any kind of illness. This type of productivity loss came to be referred to as 'presenteeism'.

Presenteeism is common, and its costs hidden. Employees come to work with back aches, allergies, and other conditions that impact productivity. In some cases, their conditions are contagious ! The good news is that your company can now take cost-effective measures to recover a significant part of productivity lost to employee illness.

The SAM plan incorporates several features essential to pre-emptively tackle sickness, and its impact on the work environment. Heath advisories and proprietary DOC process frameworks are built into the 'anticipation stage'. 'Validation' covers audits, second opinions where relevant, and diagnostics. The 'containment stage' sets into motion, must-do protocols on infection control and hygiene standards. Through the 'recovery stage', the DOC team will prescribe customised diet & lifestyle guidelines. Emergency evacuation is enabled via ambulances and a network of referral hospitals. Stabilization protocols incorporate on-site first aid, and the training of a team of employee volunteers.

Both large and small organisations will do well to deploy the SAM programme to protect themselves against long periods of sickness, or the rapid spread of contagious infection. Absences due to sickness are known to cause more damage than the immediate loss in manpower, and lead to operational discontinuity, sub-optimal team performance, and reduced employee morale. A pro-active and comprehensive approach to employee health on the other hand, positively impacts company profitability, productivity and employee retention.

Preventive SAM plan benefits
  • Minimised risks of sickness absence
  • Planned management of sickness related absence
  • Reduced impact on productivity and better utilization of resources
  • Emergency sickness management
Implementing the pro-active SAM programme in your organisation
  • Sickbay management
  • Nursing on-site
  • Certification & validation of medical certificates
  • Diagnostics on request
  • Doctor on call
  • Heath alerts
  • Ambulance on call (optional)
  • Recommended vaccination (optional)
  • First aid
  • Specialist referral

Low productivity at work caused by people coming in to work with any form of illness, is a widespread problem. Respiratory infections are the most common, with the added risk of potentially infecting others. A preventive healthcare approach through the SAM plan, also helps detect and treat : allergy, arthritis, asthma, depression / sadness, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, migraine / headache, and respiratory infections.

Investing in good health.
DOC Medical Services brings preventive healthcare to your doorstep. In addition to delivering first rate, affordable healthcare, we build our corporate plans in modular design. Review optional plans that best suit your organisation size and structure. No matter which plan you adopt, start tracking employee health today !