Health Checks ยป Home Health Check
Regular health checks are essential. The DOC Home Health Check suddenly makes it all very convenient - for you and your family

Introducing 'Diagnostics on Call'. The DOC Home Health Check is preventive healthcare at its most convenient ! No more early morning trips to the local lab. The plan includes blood tests, X-ray and ECG, all in the convenience of your home ! What's more, follow through samples and tests can even be done at your office, and your report e-mailed to you, by the end of the day !

'All-family health checks' make great sense with DOC. Just call and fix a convenient date and time. While confirming your test schedule, the DOC team will clearly explain whether you should be on an empty stomach for the tests or not, and how long the tests will take. The DOC team will then come home as per the scheduled appointment, and that's all there is to it ! Get proactive about your health. Think preventive healthcare !

While at your home, the DOC team will also draw up your 'current vital wellness metrics chart' - invaluable as a start point to your getting more health conscious. Get a personal chart for each of your family members, recording vital statistics, body fat index, and core & flexibility ratings.

The DOC Home Health plan covers :

  • Blood tests, X-ray and ECG
  • Follow through samples at your residence or work place
  • Report delivery and facility for reporting on the telephone / by text / e mail
  • Personal wellness charts

Individual and family plans are available. What's more, you can choose a plan to suit the size of your family. Ask for details of our soon-to-be-introduced medical records programme, which will help enable remote access to your medical files, no matter where you are.

The DOC Home Health Check is recommended at least once a year for all members of your family. Call DOC to fix a convenient date and time. Or walk into the nearest DOC centre for a first hand feel for comprehensive preventive healthcare services.