Corporate Plans ยป EHS

DOC Medical Services delivers comprehensive preventive healthcare at DOC centres, at your work place, and even at your home !

Discover first rate healthcare at affordable rates. Progressive nationalised banks with thousands of employees,and leading corporate houses, leave it to DOC.

Our commitment to preventive healthcare, dramatically reduces the typical problems associated with neglecting personal health. It translates into you leading a healthier life. Organisations find productivity levels rise, and healthcare costs reduce, as employees adopt healthy living. It all starts with a simple first step. Call DOC !

The Employee Health Surveillance (EHS) Plan is by far the best way to ensure that your carefully drawn up corporate business plans do not get derailed with frequently recurring health issues. The 7 stage EHS Plan runs through the year, and ideally, for not less than three years without a break. Your employees' health will be audited at the commencement of the programme. Individual wellness plans will be drawn up after relevant health checks and consultation stages. Through the year, a tracking mechanism will evaluate progress to plans.

At a corporate level, reporting will clearly chart extent of commitment to individual plans, and changes in overall wellness levels. Tracking on parameters such as sick leave, incidence of illness, general productivity, and other pre-set metrics, will generate real time usable data, on the health and well being of your organization.

Your organisation needs the EHS advantage. If you believe that regular physical exercise, a controlled diet, and a healthy lifestyle, are all important, and feel you'll be better off if all your employees felt the same way, you need to call DOC right away. No matter how large or small your organisation. No matter how sound your business model, and efficient your roll-out plan, personal health is nearly always neglected. The more time you spend on immediate term wellness, the less time and money you will spend later on healthcare !

Benefit from actionable EHS reports
  • Overall employee health audit
  • Individual wellness plans
  • Identification of high risk cases & intervention
  • Regular checks for individual & organization wide wellness
Tracking employee health is the key to tracking on your corporate productivity targets
Medical history. Non-invasive diagnostics. Personal record compilation
Identify individual health check priorities.
Division / company wide health status report
As required based on profiling and consultation
Individual wellness plans spanning diet, exercise,
stress, and other parameters
Individual and company wide reports. High risk cases
identification and intervention plans
Regular checks for implementation of individual plans.
Progress reports
Company wide reports and tracking of improvements
in overall health, and across other programme metrics

The EHS programme is an ongoing programme. The development of the main customized plan for a company takes between 4 to 6 weeks. Thereafter, quarterly updates are conducted. Emergency modules are also incorporated in the programme.

Investing in good health.
DOC Medical Services brings preventive healthcare to your doorstep. In addition to delivering first rate, affordable healthcare, we build our corporate plans in modular design. Review optional plans that best suit your organisation size and structure. No matter which planyou adopt, start tracking employee health today !