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DOC Medical Services delivers comprehensive preventive healthcare at DOC centres, at your work place, and even at your home !

Discover first rate healthcare at affordable rates. Progressive nationalised banks with thousands of employees,and leading corporate houses, leave it to DOC.

Our commitment to preventive healthcare, dramatically reduces the typical problems associated with neglecting personal health. It translates into you leading a healthier life. Organisations find productivity levels rise, and healthcare costs reduce, as employees adopt healthy living. It all starts with a simple first step. Call DOC !

The Diet, Counselling & Nutrition Audits (DCNA) Progamme assess enterprise wide nutritional needs, checks on the current diet and nutrition regimen, and clearly spells out recommendations that will lead to a healthier and more productive workplace.

A comprehensive canteen audit is followed up with reports on nutritional values currently delivered, and suggested menu modifications. The DCNA programme incorporates SLAG (State of health / Lifestyle / Age / Genetic pre-disposition) parameters, to generate assessment reports and intervention measures.

Reporting by division will provide a useful bird's eye view of current status, and recommendations for dietary and nutrient intake will be presented within 3 weeks from commencement of the personal health profile interviews. Regular tracking modules are recommended to ensure implementation of suggested protocols.

Whether you run a people intensive business, or a small boutique organization, the DCNA programme will positively impact lives for the better. Work styles vary, and have implications on our nutrition requirements. Diet plays a key role in good health. The food we eat, affects the way we look and feel. They impact the processes of our body. And our very ability to be healthy and alive. Not eating nutritiously hinders our body's ability to fight disease. Personal health is nearly always neglected. And diet is just not given the importance it demands. The DOC team will help you set this right. What your team eats isn't really your business. Or maybe, as several organizations have learnt the hard way, it is ! An army marches on its stomach, and the DCNA programme ensures your troops will not want for the nutrition they need to get the job done !

With an additional hygiene audit component, corporates can benefit from the DNHA programme, that covers workplace hygiene, from the canteen and the washroom, to individual workstations. Seemingly plush offices, are often veritable breeding grounds for invisible disease causing germs. Typically considered relevant only for companies in the foods and personal products business, corporates increasingly realise that hygiene best practices are relevant in any industry.

Implementing the life-changing DCNA Plan in your organisation
  • Nutritional needs assessment
  • Audit of current diet/ nutrition regimen
  • Evaluation & recommendations for diet / nutritional requirements
  • Comprehensive audit of company canteen nutritional values
  • Suggested modifications in canteen menu
  • Assessment report of nutritional requirements
  • Recommendations for dietary habits & tips for healthy eating
  • Surveys to collate personal health profile, lifestyle and food habits using DOC’s diet, and the classification of individuals by SLAG health parameters and work style. Followed by the development of recommended alternative dietary plans by division
  • Audit of company canteen menu with calorific values and nutritional content, and suggestions for modification of the canteen menu as relevant
  • FAQs on dietary matters sourced from employees, and DOC counsel on each issue, disseminated through the company intranet or, on a password protected section on the DOC website
  • 3 week DCNA programme window


Investing in good health.
DOC Medical Services brings preventive healthcare to your doorstep. In addition to delivering first rate, affordable healthcare, we build our corporate plans in modular design. Review optional plans that best suit your organisation size and structure. No matter which plan you adopt, start tracking employee health today !